Friday, December 1, 2017

The great benefits of apples

The great benefits of apples

"An apple a day keeps you away from the doctor every day." We've always heard this saying, but how true is it? What distinguishes the benefits of apples actually from other fruits?
Apple is one of the most widely available fruits of the year, and of course the best season for apples is winter, where its flavor and taste are better than the rest of the season.
Recent studies on the benefits of apples have confirmed the benefits of having powerful antioxidants that are important in enhancing body immunity and preventing disease.

The great benefits of apples
The great benefits of apples 

The most important healthy benefits of apples include:

1 - rich in antioxidants

In addition to the nutrients necessary for the growth of the body and enhance its immunity. It is rich in flavonoids, and some of the important flavonoids in apples are quercetin, epicatechin and procyanidin B2, as well as containing tarteric acid, which gives acid flavor.

All these compounds help the body to get rid of free radicals and its antioxidant strength (ORAC value per 100 grams of fresh apples 5900 TE).

2 - contain a few calories

Almost every 100 grams of apple slices give us about 50 calories, and it is free of cholesterol and saturated fat.

3 - rich in dietary fiber

These fibers are concentrated in the crust, most commonly known as pectin, which helps prevent the absorption of LDL cholesterol in the digestive tract. Each 100 grams of apples contains about 2.40 grams of fiber.

Fiber also protects the mucous membrane of the colon from exposure to toxic and carcinogenic substances, which are very useful for people with constipation and help to stimulate the intestines.
The great benefits of apples
The great benefits of apples

4. Apples contain good amounts of vitamin C and beta carotene.

Vitamin C is a powerful natural antioxidant, important for disease resistance, inflammation and immune enhancement.

5. Apples are a good source of the complex B vitamins

Such as thiamine and pyridoxine (B-6), which play an important role in the work of enzymes necessary for metabolism, and many of the vital functions in the body.

6 - contains many important minerals

One of the benefits of apples is that it is a good source of potassium and poor in iron, and the apples also contain a small amount of minerals such as: phosphorus, calcium.

Potassium is an important component of cells and body fluids that helps control heart rate and blood pressure.

Save apples and consume them

In terms of "food safety" prefer to wash apples well before eating because it is one of the most types of fruits that are exposed to pesticides, which include phosphorus Permethrin and DDT, and some companies are polishing the apple and wax to give it a more brilliant appearance and here prefer to wash apples well before Take it or rub it with a soft brush to remove the wax.
The apples can be kept in the refrigerator at an appropriate temperature for two to four weeks.

It is worth mentioning that the apple seeds should be kept safe from toxic substances. If taken in large quantities, they cause adult toxicity and cause death to young children.