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10 tips to lose weight and keep it

10 tips to lose weight and keep it

Weight loss and maintain it

Are you overweight and want to lose some pounds? Or even if you have a healthy weight and want to keep it, the solution is available here through the following 10 tips:
10 tips to lose weight and keep it
10 tips to lose weight and keep it

Eat healthy food
If you want to lose or maintain your weight, the most important thing to follow
is to maintain a healthy diet, such as vegetables and fruits, foods containing whole grains pulses, nuts, and avoid soft drinks, chips and candy.

drink a lot of water
It is important to drink enough water and fluids. It is recommended to drink 10-12 glasses of fluid daily. Care must be taken to drink fluids throughout the day. They help prevent hunger and help maintain a feeling of fullness. It is recommended to drink two glasses of fluid, ten minutes before each meal, this reduces the time required to move the sensation of satiety to the brain half the time.

Exercising is very important for your health. It improves your mood, strengthens your cardiovascular system and lowers your blood pressure. It helps you burn excess calories that can not be burned by diet alone, and the number of calories you burn depends on the frequency, duration and intensity of physical activity.

Burn more calories
If you can not exercise, try burning calories in another way, as any additional movement helps burn calories. Think about ways you can increase your physical activity throughout the day. For example, use the stairs instead of using the elevator, plan out on a walking path with family or friends, park your car in a remote place when shopping, if you have a yard, household activities, such as cutting trees, removing grasses and cleaning will also do the trick.

Set your timing
10 tips to lose weight and keep it
10 tips to lose weight and keep it
Some claim they do not have enough time to practice or prepare healthy meals, but spend many hours watching television or using computers for entertainment. Keep track of your timing and try to adjust it, saving some time for exercise and preparing healthy meals, and make it a daily routine.

Try a low-calorie diet
Low-calorie diet is one of the most effective ways to lose weight. It replaces your meal with an alternative meal that contains a very low calorie content, but is rich in nutrients, prepared in advance and available from major brands such as Optifast, This diet significantly reduces weight and also provides the body with the minerals and vitamins it needs.

Do not give up breakfast
It is important to be careful to eat breakfast daily, it helps you feel full, and some research has shown that people who eat breakfast are more active during the morning hours, and the amount of food they eat during the day is less.

Enjoy enough hours of sleep
10 tips to lose weight and keep it
10 tips to lose weight and keep it
Be sure to get adequate sleep hours, you can tell if you wake up and feel active and ready to do and not exhausted or idle. The average for most people is 8 hours although some may need more and others less. There is evidence that getting less than 7 hours of sleep increases your appetite and makes you feel more hungry than usual.

Eat at home
Try to prepare your own food will be healthier and make you control the components better, avoid fast food and eat meals in restaurants, and in case you have to behave wisely,for example ask for a healthy meal, such as the salads and grilled meals that are prepared in a healthy manner.

Yoga will help you do the job
A study showed that women who practice yoga usually weigh less than others.This is because yoga provides self-awareness and tranquility, which makes yoga practitioners more consciously conscious of food, and contributes to knowing enough to make them feel full and thus avoid eating too much.