Friday, November 3, 2017

Health Tips: Easy Ways To Get White Teeth

Easy Ways To Get White Teeth 

Causes of discoloration of the teeth

There are many reasons to change the color of teeth, the most important of these reasons; eating some types of drinks and foods such as; tea, coffee, red wine, and some types of vegetables and fruits such as apples and potatoes, and other reasons that lead to discoloration of teeth smoking and chewing Tobacco, as well as the lack of cleaning the mouth and teeth, and there are some diseases that affect tooth enamel and Dentin, which cause a change in the color of teeth, and it is worth mentioning that the chemotherapy and radiation, especially if in the head and neck may cause discoloration of teeth.

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Some types of drugs such as tetracycline and doxycycline cause tooth color change,It should be noted that aging makes teeth more yellow. There are also some genetic factors that may cause some people's teeth to be whiter than others, and some dental procedures lead to discoloration of teeth, such as tooth decay, Amalgam filling, although the exposure of teeth to blows and accidents will also change color.

How to get white teeth

To get white teeth, there are many ways that will give you white teeth when followed, including:
Surface whiteners
Surface whiteners include bleached toothpastes, bleached gum,and bleached mouthwashes, as well as whitening strips,as they contain abrasives that remove external pigments, taking into account Do not damage tooth enamel, but these materials have limited ability to whiten the teeth, and the effect is only on the removal of external pigments only,and not used in cases of deep pigmentation.

Whitening in dental clinic
Where substances containing chemical compounds from the peroxide group are used,These materials change the color of the teeth themselves
However, it is likely that the teeth will not respond to this type of bleaching, depending on a number of factors, the most important of which are: the presence of dental fillings, the treatment of the pulp of some teeth, the presence of dental crowns, as well as the depth and cause of pigmentation,
Therefore, you must consult your dentist to determine the appropriate method in teeth whitening. There are two main techniques for teeth whitening:

  • Vital bleaching, which is done for teeth that contain a living pulp, and is used if the cause of discoloration of these teeth is aging, eating foods that bleach teeth, or smoking.
  • Non-vital bleaching, which works for teeth that have lost their living pulp, ie, teeth that have been treated with root canal treatment. This technique whitens the teeth from the inside out.

Ways in which bleach can be used:

  Chairside bleaching: The patient needs one visit to the dental clinic to obtain white teeth. During this visit, the dentist will place the bleach on the patient's teeth, taking into consideration the protective gums, Protective rubber,  The bleaching process is accelerated and made more effective by highlighting the light, heat, or both on the bleach after placing it on the teeth.
At-Home Bleaching: In this method, the bleaching agent containing the peroxide is placed inside a mold made especially for the person, usually in the form of gel, then the person is wearing this mold. It is worth mentioning that the concentration of the substance used At home less than those used by the dentist in his clinic.

Natural mixtures for teeth whitening

There are many natural ways to whiten teeth such as Baking Soda, where a teaspoon of baking soda is mixed with two teaspoons of water, and the teeth are then brushed using the putty formed, although this method is one of the methods Not scientifically proven in their ability to whiten teeth, but some studies have indicated the effectiveness of baking soda, which is involved in the manufacture of bleached toothpaste. Also, apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid, which is also used to whiten the teeth; It is mixed with a quantity of water and then the person  wash his teeth with the solution, But it should be noted that apple cider vinegar may weaken enamel and cause tooth decay, so be careful to dilute it with water, and wash the mouth with water well after use. Some types of fruit can also be used to whiten teeth, such as strawberries for teeth whitening purposes, where they are crushed and mixed with baking soda, then the resulting mixture is brushed.

Prevention of discoloration of teeth

To prevent dental discoloration, people must adhere to the instructions of oral and dental hygiene, the most important of which is to keep brushing teeth and clean them with a medical thread regularly, as well as to check the health and hygiene of the teeth periodically, about every six months for the cleaning of teeth, Some changes in the lifestyle of the person in a way that keeps the whiteness of teeth and prevents color, such as refrain from smoking, and reduce the consumption of drinks that change the color of teeth such as coffee,If a strange color appears on the teeth without a specific reason, a dentist review becomes important and necessary.