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Best Weight Loss Diet

Best Weight Loss Diet

Food systems

 The main cause of the deteriorating health situation of millions of people around the world is the lack of adherence to a healthy diet,
As the loss of proper nutrition displays the body either to excessive thinness or obesity,
Both of which cause problems for the work of the internal organs of the body. Statistics have shown that obesity-related diseases in particular are the leading cause of death around the world, causing cardiovascular problems that expose the patient to strokes or heart attacks,
As obesity in the most vulnerable cases change the nature of daily life of the injured, can not do the simplest physical work, so the healthy diet is the most important in preserving the nature of life.

Best Weight Loss Diet
Best Weight Loss Diet

The best diet to reduce daily weight program

 The program is approved for one week. The result is observed at the end of the week. It is repeated again, followed by a rest period in which the food is organized. It is repeated once a month until the stomach reaches the desired size in terms of its inability to absorb large amounts of food.
Breakfast is the same all week and consists of two boiled eggs, a small dish of green salad, and completely prevents eating carrots and tomatoes, and Mortadella with a quarter of a loaf of brown bread.
The first day consists of lunch from a green salad dish and a piece of skimmed white cheese. Dinner is a piece of grilled lean meat, preferably chicken or turkey, and a yogurt box.
The second day at lunch is the same dinner on the first day, with a spoon of flaxseed, and dinner will be the usual breakfast itself.
The third day of lunch is a piece of white cheese free of salt and fat, and dinner a piece of grilled meat without fat.
 On the fourth day, do not eat anything at lunch except fruit dish, dinner Tuna oil strainer, with yogurt plus a tablespoon of flaxseed.
Day 5 Served sauteed vegetables at lunch, tuna or grilled fish at dinner with salad.
The 6 th and 7 th days are the grilled meat and salads in both lunch and dinner.

Notes on diet

This system may affect human energy in the hard working day, so be aware when doing dangerous work, and drink large amounts of water during the day to ensure the activation of blood circulation and regeneration of cells and burning fat.
This reduces the size of the stomach, so be sure to reduce the amount of food in each meal, and chew food slowly to accelerate the feeling of fullness, and with the repetition of the system once every month will reduce the fat stored in the body